About Us

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Particular Case

During your free consultation we seek to achieve these goals:

  • Discuss the facts your case to determine what defenses can be used at trial or during pre-trial negotiations.
  • Learn what you may need to do immediately to protect all of your rights.
  • Discuss collateral issues that are effected by your arrest, such as concerns about your family, employment, driving license, and criminal record.
  • Learn more about what you can expect during the time your case is pending, including which alternative sentencing options and diversion programs might be available (where the charges are dropped after you successful complete certain conditions).
  • Discuss how the courts and prosecutors in your particular division typically handle similar charges and how aggressively pursuing pre-trial motions could lead to a dismissal of the charges.
  • Discuss exactly what the fees will be for your case, and what fee arrangements are available.
  • Get the information you deserve so that you can have all the time and space needed to make an informed decision.

Contact us today for a phone or office consultation with an experienced lawyer. Feel free to review our website to get more information about the services we provide. You can also complete an online form in the Contact Us section of our website requesting that a lawyer contact you on the phone or through e-mail to answer any questions you might have about hiring a criminal attorney to handle your case.